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The key benefits of e-Safety monitoring for your school


The Internet has emerged as a critical educational tool and is an immensely valuable source of knowledge. It has widened the horizon of learning by providing easy access to information. However, this value also brings risks, especially for children. Monitoring software is a very effective way to ensure a positive and safe online experience for young people.

Here are some of the advantages of e-Safety monitoring for schools:

Prevents access to harmful content:

Internet based research is an integral part of learning these days. Students browse the Internet for projects and assignments. e-Safety monitoring ensures that children are not drawn into websites containing inappropriate content. By helping teachers understand what children are doing online, it empowers staff to take appropriate sanctions against technology misuse.

Helps adopt remedial measures:

e-Safety monitoring helps teachers to guide students whenever required. Monitoring provides not only a method of preventing children from gaining access to harmful material, but also provides the opportunity to educate them about the safe and appropriate use of technology.

Helps parents feel secure:

e-Safety helps to reassure parents that their child is free from online risks at school. It is important for schools to implement effective measures, so that students reap the positive benefits of technology.

Enhances students’ understanding of safe content:

Over a period of time, young people are able to recognise and understand appropriate content and good online behaviour. They will begin to develop their own perception of unsuitable content, even when browsing from home. e-Safety is not just about implementing control measures – it is about empowering the child from an early age with their own tools for web safety.

Legal necessity:

The revised Keeping Children Safe In Education document, that came into effect in September 2016, specifies that schools need to have “appropriate filtering and monitoring in place.” The framework aims to safeguard students by reducing risk. Monitoring software also helps schools avoid any potential legal liabilities.

Adopting effective e-Safety solutions helps give children a beneficial online experience. To find out more about e-Safety solutions, follow Securus on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn.

Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson

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